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Why use Risk Calculator?

Trading can be stressful and unpredictable at times. This is why it’s advised to work out your risk and lot size before entering any trade to avoid blowing accounts.

This is why we created Risk Calculator for MetaTrader. Traditionally traders would see a potential trade that they’d like to open, count the number of pips to their stop loss and use a calculator or spreadsheet to calculate their lot size for that trade. As every trade is different, this can be a time consuming process before executing a trade. Or even by the time you’ve finished calculating, you’ve completely missed your entry. Risk of human error when entering a trade is also eliminated, allowing you to focus on your entries

How does it work?

Simply enter the percentage you’re risking and / or the Ratio on our MetaTrader app. Press the “Buy Calc” or “Sell Calc”. This will trigger lines on your actual terminal where you can see the amount you are risking in whichever currency your account is funded in, alongside the lot size to trade. When you agree, press Enter to execute the trade. That’s it! – It even works on future pending orders too!

But wait, we have even more features!…

Full Walkthrough Video

Checkout the video below for an in depth walkthrough of all the features included in Risk Calculator

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Risk Calculator really brings your MetaTrader terminal into the year 2021.

Risk Calculator Logo

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For less than the price of a coffee ☕… Your desired risk percentage can be automated! 
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Risk Calculator
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Reviews from our users



Amazing piece of software. Has levelled up my trading, made it a lot easier to get into positions – support is also extremely good. Amazing response time, wouldn’t hesitate to buy – regardless, you need this if you are a trader!


It’s really an amazing App! Just look at the other reviews. I been using it on daily basis, to find my perfect R:R without doing the tedious work of finding the lot size coz the app does it automatically! Works on any pair! I don’t have to open any pip size calculator ever again!”


“Downloaded the premium version last week and its made my trading more profitable already! I’ll be using it all of the time now. I strongly recommend it to everyone that uses MetaTrader!


Was searching for something like this forever! Many similar EA/s like this one but all of them were missing something, this one has EVERYTHING you need and makes life so much easier. Risk Management is the true essence of trading, this can be the pivot point from being profitable or not!


“Truly a game changer for my trading! I struggled with my lot size calculations and my entries too. This has made my whole trading experience so much easier! I’ve become more profitable too since using it! – I definitely recommend it to all MT4 users!”


Super useful tool to help with trading especially for scalping as you do not need to calculate position sizes or manually enter price levels to place trades as it does everything for you. Great customer service too. Highly recommend

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed and answered. Feel free to contact us.

What pairs are supported?

All pairs are supported – All pairs! -FX, CFD, Metals / GOLD, Bitcoin

Can I risk less than 1%?

Yes you can! For example a lot of our users risk 0.5%. You can risk anything you like.

How does Risk Calculator work?

Risk Calculator is a Expert Adviser for your MetaTrader terminal. A full install guide is provided with your download.

Does it work with MetaTrader?

Yes! Risk Calculator is specifically made for MetaTrader 4 and 5.

How do I pay for Risk Calculator?

We charge a small fee processed by Paypal or Card. This fee goes towards website maintenance costs, developer costs and future rolling updates to every user.

Where do I contact you for support?

We’re always here to help! Contact us by using the blue live chat button at the bottom right of the page. We aim to respond to any queries within 24hrs.

Can I trade Bitcoin and other cryptos with it?

Yes! This is one of great features for Risk Calculator! It’s compatible with all instruments supported by your broker.

Does it work with Mac?

Yes! We support Mac! – If you have MT4/5 running. Risk Calculator will work.

How do I install the Risk Calculator?

Once you have purchased and downloaded Risk Calculator. Inside of the .zip folder there is a detailed pdf guide with step by step install instructions and a video install guide too if you need it.

Can I sign up to become an affiliate?

Yes you can! Sign up here and earn every time someone purchases using your link – http://riskcalculator.app/affiliate-area/

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