How to speed up Metatrader

To speed up MetaTrader, you can try the following tips: Remember to test any changes or optimizations you make to MetaTrader to ensure they have the desired effect without negatively impacting your trading activities. If you need further help please check out the links below: https://blueberrymarkets.com/market-analysis/news/how-to-speed-up-mt4/https://admiralmarkets.com/education/articles/trading-software/how-to-optimise-the-mt4-platformhttps://get.exness.help/hc/en-us/articles/360014744219-How-can-I-speed-up-MetaTrader-4-5-

The best instruments to trade in Forex and what time.

money and time

The most commonly traded currency pairs in the Forex market are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF. These currency pairs are considered to be the best for trading due to their liquidity, volatility, and availability during different times of the day. The best time to trade Forex is when the market is most active, as this […]

The advantages and disadvantages of Forex funding challenge programs

Forex Funded Trading accounts

Forex funding challenge programs are initiatives that provide traders with access to capital and the opportunity to trade the financial markets. In exchange for this capital, traders are expected to demonstrate their trading skills and generate profits. Forex funding challenge programs can be a valuable opportunity for traders to gain real-world trading experience and potentially […]

What Future Holds for Bitcoin, as it Surpasses $30,000?

The price of Bitcoin rose over $34,000 (£24,850) even as the premier cryptocurrency continued to surge higher. It has placed the gain at around $5,000 this year. One of the primary reasons behind the rise in price was an increase in interest among big investors looking to earn quick profits. This increase in Bitcoin’s value […]

Forex Risk Calculator Video by Trader Nick from A1 Trading

Trader Nick from A1 Trading ( https://a1trading.com/ ) has made a YouTube video on Risk Calculator. He outlines the easy install process and shows you the main features of the Risk Calculator for MT4. Click the YouTube video below to watch!

What You Need to Know About Forex Risk Management

Forex Risk Calculator

Risk management in forex is all about implementing pre-defined rules. As well as measures that further help traders to manage the negative effects of trade. To trade profitably, traders must adopt an effective and long-term strategy right from the beginning. In other words, traders must have a forex risk management strategy before they venture into […]

Effect of Coronavirus on British Economy

As the nation went under lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus, one of the deepest recessions in the history of Britain became inevitable. The British economy is facing an unprecedented contraction with a great collapse not witnessed in the past 100 years. We are actually in the middle of an immensely […]

The Economy After Coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to sweep through the world, its economic impacts are becoming more and more visible globally. As per the predictions of few leading global thinkers, the pandemic is going to change the financial and economic order forever. After several weeks of nationwide lockdown, loss of innumerable lives and the closing down of […]

Will the U.S. Economy Bounce Back After the COVID-19 Crisis?

The United States, regarded as the globe’s largest economy has long recorded unprecedented growth, but thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak and crisis, it has collapsed to a large extent. According to experts, the US Economy may be witnessing its biggest recession ever, owing to the several measures that its government has taken in relation to […]