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How to install – Windows Guide

How to install Risk Calc – Apple Mac Guide


How to use / Features

The Risk Calculator is appearing distorted or small because of your screen resolution setting. To fix this, close MT4/5 then locate the MT4/5 icon on your desktop and right click it and click properties. Then press the Compatibility tab then press Change high DPI setting. Another window will then open. Click the drop down and select System (Enhanced) then press OK on both tabs. Re open MT4/5 and Risk Calculator should look normal Below is a screenshot of the settings 


When you purchase Risk Calculator you purchase 1 licence. With this licence you can allocate Risk Calculator to any MetaTrader account that you have, and it will work on there. You can also change the allocated account too.

For example, if you want to test out Risk Calculator on 1 account, possibly demo or a live account and then move it over to your main one. You can do so. You can move Risk Calculator between account as many times as you like for free.

You have total control of this inside of your Risk Calculator dashboard when you purchase from us. If you want to use Risk Calculator one 2+ MetaTrader accounts at a time you will need to purchase additional licences. You can do that here, simply add another Risk Calculator to your basket and checkout and you will have another box in your dashboard to insert another trading account number – https://riskcalculator.app/product/premium/

This is because you need to validate your licence. You can do this by logging into your dashboard and entering your MetaTrader terminal number. That will validate your Risk Calculator licence. Within the zip download there are instructions on this too with photo references. There are some other careful steps that you need to do too to get it working correctly. Please read and follow the install instructions carefully. I have also attached the link here – https://riskcalculator.app/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Install-Guide-for-Risk-Calculator-PLEASE-READ.pdf

This could also happen if you have had a break in your payment and resubscribed – If this is the case please contact us.

This could be 1 of 2 reasons:
Reason 1 – User settings issue. Please go through troubleshoot guide.

Reason 2 – If you’re 100% your settings are correct and the exact location you put the Risk Calculator file is correct. The issue will be that it is a broker issue and / or they might not allow EAs. Check with them.

This error is 100% be one of the reasons above.

Indices works slightly differently. Brokers have min lot sizes and spreads are usually a lot bigger.

We recommend having a good size balance account NOT a small size account. For this pair you’ll need to have a bigger risk percentage and a further away stop loss.

Try x10 your risk and see if that generates the correct risk. E.g if you want to risk 1% type in 10%. – This is because different brokers can calculate these pairs differently.

The main factor is your broker’s minimum lot size requirements.

This is the brokers rules NOT Risk Calculators.

If this is difficult to understand we recommend trading normal FX pairs such as gbp/jpy instead of indices.