The Best Solution to install MT4 On Mac

For the last year or so it’s been extremely difficult to install MT4 on Mac since the update to Mac OS Catalina.

Any MT4 terminal that you perviously had doesn’t work anymore? Or you don’t fancy installing the whole Windows 10 OS just for Mac just because you want to run MetaTrader?

I have the perfect solution for you!

Step 1

Download CROSSOVER MAC 19.0.2

Unlike an emulator that requires a full copy of the Window OS, CrossOver translates the commands your Windows application wants to use to the macOS and back.

This translation system means you don’t need to spend hours setting up Windows OS first, you can just install your Windows application directly into CrossOver and run it.

Direct Download

Step 2

Download Metatrader 4 

You now will need to download MetaTrader 4 for Windows. Please see the download link below

Alternatively you can download this from your Forex Brokers website (recommended)

Direct Download

Step 3

Install Crossover Mac

Double click the install file and let it load.

You will then see the application pop up in a new window. Drag this into the applications folder.

Now the CrossOver applications is sucessfully installed.

Step 4

permitions for Crossover Mac

You now need to allow the Mac to open the software. 

This section will be about allowing the permissions and granting access to the software.

Go to your applications and double click the installed program (Crossover)

Then go into your setting and click security & privacy > General tab

Click Open Anyway / You might need to click the unlock button too at the bottom

You then will see a pop up box – Click Open


Step 5

Installing MetaTrader 4

Once you’ve opened Crossover you will see this screen.

On the bottom left corner you will see a + sign – click that

Select New Bottle…

A box will then appear at the top 

Type in: MetaTrader 4 and Select Windows 10 64-bit

Click Create

It will then take you to another screen. At the bottom click:

Install a windows application and then type in the box MetaTrader 4 

Click Chose file installer

You will then need to locate the MT4 file you downloaded at the start then click use this installer then click install


Step 6

Installing MetaTrader 4 continued

Here you will let the installer run.

The MT4 install screens will apear, press next > install

You will then see this Cannot be opened message Click Cancel


Step 5

Finished! – Enjoy MT4

One final message will come up here

Click Skip this step

Finished! – Enjoy using MT4 on your Mac!


MetaTrader 4 Mac install video

Full video on how to install MetaTrader 4 on your Mac


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